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Consultancy Projects
Ka&Te works with the partners, starting from creating the plan within the aim of the project is defined, continuing with the implementation of the chosen solution and going on with measuring the project’s success
Web Applications Portfolio
It is an image of our experience in designing and programming which allows us to claim that we are competent to offer the best solutions in creating and implementing the online business. [ details... ]
Personalized Applications
Because our wish is to help our partners, we are trying to offer distinct solutions for different needs of each of our partners by developing performant, efficient and 100% personalized applications.
In the actual economic context, marked by globalization, communication and informatics technology and competition, the human resource utilization cannot be based only on the initial professional training. The initial education must be sustained by [details ...]

Welcome to Ka&Te Associates website

Founded in 2005, Ka&Te Associates is a computer consultant firm located in Bucharest, offering full service consulting on information technology and its application to business solutions. Our entire team has over a decade of IT experience and has implemented projects for major companies in the Construction, Automotive, FMCG and Health markets.

With regards the structure, our company has four main departments: IT Consultancy and Web Applications, Design and Remote Administration. These divisions are operating according to the highest standards in all the relations with the clients and suppliers and in line with our company strategy which is based on the entirely and unconditioned satisfaction of our partners.
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IT Consultancy Remote Administration
IT Consultancy
You can require our team help for spreading or optimization of the existing informatics software within your company by calling the consultancy IT services. The right dimensioning, the advice regarding the hardware infrastructure, communication and software solutions (including creating of a clear set for the wanted applications) which best solve the aimed objectives assure its success from the beginning. Our partners and we are able to dispose you consultancy and solutions for issues regarding the technology of information, hardware and software as well, beginning with shape of systems, hardware infrastructure (computer networks, servers) and continuing with implementation of complete business solutions.

We are at your service along with our specialized personnel for other points of interest such as your security company politics regarding data and communication, the network architecture design and hardware or software configuration

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Remote Administration
Ka&Te offers you an IT department formed by professionals, which is able to go through all the stages, from consultancy to implementation and even after that, through the remote administration services of the data bases and servers, with minimal expenses.

Ka&Te can assure consultancy and a comprehensive support for your organization data bases administration, starting from the initial design, development, and implementation and even after that, through the remote maintenance of those.

Ka&Te offers also remote administration services for equipment like servers with Active Directory, Firewall, Servers Proxy, ISA, Email or FTP roll or applications for traffic monitoring, tape width, allocations for each equipment or filters against the undesired traffic

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Web Applications & Web Design Software by request
Web Applications & Web Design
Ka&Te believes that a professional image is essential for your business. This image represents quality and stability for your clients, assures the respects of the rivals and sends an authentic message to everybody.

Ka&Te offers services of customized graphic design for creative and informative web sites, with a high degree of interactivity.

We are building sites with the aim of obtaining profit for our clients. We are making available instruments realized specially for creating sales, in order to increase their popularity and credibility among our clients and partners.

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Software by request
Among the applications develop by Ka&Te which are already present in our portofolium, our company offers complete services for development and implementation of requested software, which is based on your needs.

The major difference between our company and other company is the fact that our team contains only software engineers and not sales agents. In the moment you contact us in order to discuss a potential project you will speak directly with the persons who are writing the programs cod.

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  Why us?
  • Do you want to complete or partial externalize the services connected to the information technology within your company?

  • Did you invest a lot of money in your informatics’ system and these are still not come up to what you expected?

  • Do you have an expensive and famous software but the context in which it is integrated it is quite the thing?

  • Do you need to build some specifications in order to choose software or a hardware product?

  • Do you need a specialized product and you don’t know which one to choose it?

  • Do you consider that a hardware and software evaluation or an evaluation of the informatics’ systems you are using will be advisable?

  • Do you need a professional website for presenting and promoting your services and/or your company products?

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